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How to buy a Top Level Domain from Microsoft Azure?

When you create a web app, Azure assigns it to a subdomain of For example, if your web app is named exploreitnepal, the URL is Azure also assigns a virtual IP address. For a production web app, you probably want users to see a custom domain name. And We can use Azure credits to buy Custom Domains and host it as well. This feature is not possible from the Dreamspark pass of Azure. This Blog explains how to buy and configure a custom domain with Web Apps.

Note: For instructions on using Traffic Manager to load balance traffic to a web app, use the selector at the top of this article to select the Traffic Manager specific steps.
Custom domain names cannot be used with Free web app. You must configure your web app for Shared, Basic, or Standard mode, which may change how much you are billed for your subscription.
If you don’t have a domain name for your web app, you can easily buy one on Azure Portal. During the purchase process you can choose to have WWW and root domain’s DNS records be mapped to your web app automatically. You also can manage your domain right inside Azure Portal.

Steps to Buy Domain Names:

Step 1: In your browser, open the Azure Portal.
Step 2: In the Web Apps tab, click the name of your web app. In my case, I am using “exploreitnepal” as shown below:

Step 3: Click on Setting there, a new blade will appears as shown below:

Step 4: Scroll down the blade and then select Custom domains and SSL as shown below:

Step 5: Then click on the Buy Domain  in “Custom domains and SSL “ blade as shown below:

Step 6: In the Buy Domains blade, use the text box to type the domain name you want to buy and hit Enter. The suggested available domains will be shown just below the text box. Select what domain you want to buy. You can also purchase multiple domains at once. Then, Click the Contact Information as shown below:

Step 7: Fill the domain’s Contact Information form and Click on OK.

Step 8: Now you can choose to,
a) “Auto renew” your domain every year

b) Opt-in for “Privacy protection” which is included in the purchase price for FREE

c) “Assign default hostnames” for WWW and root domain to the current Web App.

Step 9: Click the Select on Buy Domains blade, then you will see the purchase information on Purchase confirmation blade. If you accept the legal terms and click Buy, your order will be submitted and you can monitor the purchasing process on Notification.

Step 10: Domain purchase can take few minutes to complete. After getting the similar view as shown below, be sure that your domain has been bought.

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Posted : 9 years ago